The Vision of Tiny Toes centers around educating, equipping, bringing peace and vibrant health to women of childbearing age. My passion as an educator is to equip the entire family unit with the knowledge to approach the experience of childbearing, from pre-conception to postpartum with confidence and joy. I take care to adapt my lectures and activities to fit each family or class, drawing from an extensive, fun and interactive curriculum.
For the birth event I cover topics such as optimal positioning, breathing and coping techniques. I have exercises to help encourage communication between partners, as well as plenty of labor practice using simple techniques.
As I become more established, I will be expanding my teaching to include Prenatal/Postpartum fitness classes, breastfeeding classes/private consulting, health coaching classes/personal sessions and meal planning for the busy mama and family. Watch for these on the “Services” page. I have been privileged to call Northwest Washington my home most of my life, and I am so excited to begin giving back by helping new families form with joy and excitement. Here’s to the future Tiny Toes in your family.

My Story

My name is Esther Fry. I’m a 34 year old mother of 2, wife of 6 years to my loving husband and biggest supporter. My journey into childbirth education services has been long, winding and wonderful. January 3, 1990 I witnessed the birth of my little sister at home on my mother’s bed. She came so fast the neighbor firefighter and my mother’s best friend were there for the delivery, along with my father. The midwife showed up to cleanly cut the cord and clean up what little mess there was and to do a thorough check on mama and baby. What an exciting time that was for my sweet 8 years of life.
Shortly after my 20th birthday I spread my wings and starting traveling the world with a mission organization. I traveled to England, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and many more. While in Brazil, I realized I needed more training in health care. I received that training with Youth With a Mission in the primary healthcare worker program. During that training I met a midwife with a training program for midwives. The very next year I was enrolled and completed the midwifery program that took me to the Philippines for a year. I completed my education in Washington state and started working with local midwives in Western Washington. Currently I have been privileged to attend the births of over 300 new babies and stand witness to the creation of families.
May of 2012 changed my life in an entirely new and wonderful way, the birth of my own daughter. I took a break from the working world to stay home and care for my adorable baby. My sweet son joined our family August of 2014 and again, my world became richer.
In 2016 I launch a new dream, one of education, community enrichment and relationship as families are born.

Left : Training fundal height measurements in Cambodia.  Bottom Right : First catch in the Philippines.  Top Right : Final catch in the Philippines.

Left: Training fundal height measurements in Cambodia. Bottom Right: First catch in the Philippines. Top Right: Final catch in the Philippines.