Coconut Oil - the holy grail?

How many times have we seen headlines claiming “101 WAYS TO USE COCONUT OIL”, “25 HOUSEHOLD WAYS TO USE COCONUT OIL” etc.
I always believed coconut oil is great and can be used for many things but I never really elevated it to holy grail status in my mind.

I first heard about oil pulling over a year ago. The articles say to stick a chunk of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes. My thoughts at the time went something like this… “melt and chew solidified oil in my mouth for 20 minutes?!?! Not talk for 20 minutes when you have littles getting into everything??? Who has time for that kind of self care??? Not to mention, that sounds disgusting! It can NOT be worth that kind of torture.”

So I dismissed the idea. But it kept haunting me, popping up in random groups and posts. At some point, I told myself I should try it. With all these different people screaming about the benefits, they can’t all be wrong. But I never got around to it. Again, who has time for that?

Then one day my husband was suffering from a horrible sore throat and as I was scouring the internet for a magic cure I came across swishing and gargling coconut oil with a drop of clove essential oil. He was up for it and I decided to try it with him (I did NOT want to get his sickness). I mixed up some oil with the clove oil for him and plain for me. We swished it around for 10 minutes. It wasn’t pleasant. I did not enjoy it. I let it melt under my tongue then tried to keep it off my tongue. I was kind of a wuss. My husband, on the other hand, chewed up that clump of oil and swished it and gargled it like a champ.

After 10 minutes we spit it into the garbage, rinse and gargled with salt water then brushed normally. We could both feel a different smoothness to our teeth and they felt cleaner.

The next day we decided to try again. Same routine. Again, teeth felt smooth. The post we googled said it’s a natural teeth whitener. Yeah right, could it really be that easy? They did look a little whiter but it’s probably our imagination. We took photos.

The next day we were both doing plain oil and had upped the swishing time to 15 minutes. We discovered it was not terribly inconvenient at all. We could swish while in the shower, cooking breakfast, getting dressed and caring for the kids. There are lots of laughs trying to communicate with hand signals and grunting at the kids. They find it hilarious. The best part is having to sneeze with a mouth full of oil. That’s a great trick. But we forge on. Our teeth are starting to feel amazing. The pictures are starting to prove our teeth are whitening. My husband’s, red and inflamed gums are turning a healthy pink. He doesn’t bleed when he brushes his teeth anymore. My teeth are whiter than they’ve ever been, my gums feel amazing and I no longer have bleeding gums when I floss and it’s easier to floss my crowded teeth.

I encouraged my husband to start flossing (we both hate it) his very crowded, plaque gathering bottom teeth. He is now faithfully flossing and the plaque is literally falling off. Every time he smiles I’m blown away with the health of his gums and the whiteness of his teeth. He was told he just had naturally yellow teeth. We now know that to be false. He has white teeth.
So do I believe in the holy grail powers of coconut oil now? Well, I sure do believe in oil pulling. We have both stated we will never stop. We are now up to 20+ minutes every day and look forward to the many benefits we are experiencing.
As a side note, the baby weight I’ve been carrying around is starting to fall off. Is this another benefit of oil pulling? I have no idea but I’m not going to stop to find that one out.

We both have dentist appointments in February. Results of those visits shall follow this post.

This is just my story. Please research this for yourself. Google has a ton of information regarding oil pulling. Try it! What have you got to lose but some teeth stains, gum issues, maybe even plaque!

Here’s to a healthier mouth!